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10 Steps to Complete Google Data Safety Requirements

Last Updated: July 6, 2022

What are the Google Play Data Safety Requirements?

On July 20th, 2022, all developers on the Google Play store will be required to declare how they collect and handle user data for apps they publish on the platform. They will also be required to provide details about how they protect their data (specifically on their security practices, encryption, masking, etc.). 

A new form in the Data Safety section of Google Play’s ‘App Content’ page will need to be filled out by developers that have an app published on Google Play; this includes apps that are on internal, closed, open, or production testing tracks.  

Even for apps that do not collect any user data, developers still need to complete this form and provide a link to their privacy policy. In such cases, the form and policy can indicate that there is no collection or sharing of user data.  

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10 Steps to Satisfy Google Play Data Safety Requirements

Developers can follow the steps below to navigate the requirements with ease:

  1. Leverage CookiePro Mobile App Consent to scan your application.
  2. Review the scan report to get a clear view of the technologies that are tracking user data on your app.
  3. Open the Google Play Console and click on the App Content page (Policy -> App Content). 
  4. Under ’Data Safety’, select ‘Start’. 
  5. In the ‘Data Collection and Security’ section, review the list of required user data types that you need to disclose. If your app collects or shares any of the required user data types, select Yes. If not, select No. 
  6. If you selected Yes, confirm the following by answering Yes or No: 
    • Is all user data collected by your app encrypted in transit? 
    • Do you provide a way for users to request their data to be deleted? 
  7. In the ‘Data Types’ section, select all user data types that your app collects and/or shares. 
  8. In the ‘Data Usage and Handling’ section, answer the questions on how the data your app collects and/or shares is used and handled for each user.  
  9. After answering all questions, the ‘Store Listing Preview’ section previews the information that will be shown to users on the Google Play Store based on the answers you provided.  
  10. If you’re ready to submit your form, select Submit. If there’s anything to be modified, you can select ‘Back’ to change your answers. You can also select ‘Save as Draft’ to return to the form later. Upon selecting ‘Discard Changes’ the form will reset, and you will need to fill it out again.  
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