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What is a Privacy Policy Generator?

Last Updated: January 27, 2021

Privacy Policy Generator

A Privacy Policy, or privacy notice, is a statement or legal document that website owners use to disclose some or all of the ways it gathers, processes, and handles users’ data. It should explicitly describe if they keep user data confidential or is shared with or sold to third parties.

Similarly, a cookie policy is a document that outlines the types and use of cookies on a website and should be linked to a privacy policy notice.

Privacy Policy

GDPR & CCPA Privacy Policy Notice Regulations

If your website or mobile app uses personal information, most privacy laws in the world require that you have a privacy policy. According to the GDPR, websites must have a contact form (i.e. Data Subject Access request) for users to request the deletion of their data. Additionally, the CCPA states websites must include a Do Not Sell My Personal Information button that will allow users to opt-out of targeting cookies.

An example of a Do Not Sell My Personal Information button:


Privacy Policy Template

Typically, a privacy policy should outline and answer the following:

  • What and why data is collected
  • Where data is collected from
  • How data is collected and secured (including cookies and other tracking technology)
  • Who data is shared with and why
  • What rights users have over their data
  • The site’s contact details

It’s important for privacy policy notices to be clear and easy for users to understand and find on any given site or mobile app.

Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR have created many challenges for organizations trying to manage privacy policies and disclosures throughout the right channels. Companies need to be able to identify web forms, policies, and disclosures that exist across their digital properties. Additionally, they need to update and publish them within specific time periods to adhere to the range of global privacy regulations.

The OneTrust Policy and Notice Management solution simplifies the complex process of creating, updating, and monitoring policies across websites and applications. With flexible pricing, you can customize the features that your business needs and scale as you grow!

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