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Cookie Consent & Website Scanning

The most powerful and flexible solution for cookie consent collection. Cookie compliance in a few clicks! Rest easy knowing you have the most powerful solution in the market. 


How It Works

Collect Valid Consent and Demonstrate Compliance with the CCPA and GDPR



CookiePro Website Scanning

Scan Your Websites for Cookies & Tracking Technologies

Automatically detect and categorize cookies and other tracking technologies on your website.

Cookie Preference Center

Configure Your Cookie Banner & Integrate on Your Website

Tailor a banner based on your cookie consent approach and create a custom preference center that allows visitors to select which types of cookies and tracking technologies they want to enable or disable.

Records of Consent

Enable Ongoing Monitoring to Keep Policy Up-to-Date

Automatically schedule scans of your website to understand compliance status on a regular basis.

Additional CookiePro Solutions

Cookie Banner

Cookie Auto-Blocking

Automatically scan, find, and block selected tracking technologies on your website until the visitor has provided consent.

Records of Consent

Build an audit trail of detailed records of cookie consent for compliance purposes and leverage visual dashboards to verify and monitor your consent approach.

CCPA Opt-Out Solution

Create and customize a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link or button for your website to comply with CCPA Opt-Out requirements.

Mobile App Scanning & Consent

Scan your mobile app and collect user consent for analytics, advertising, and other tracking technologies.

Cookie Consent & Website Scanning Features

CookiePro Cookie Consent Scanning Checker

Scan Your Website and Gain an Understanding of Your Websites’ Privacy Health

  • Schedule scans on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring to keep your team up-to-date on any changes
  • Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers
  • Conduct deep website scans to discover trackers, privacy policies and cookie notices behind login pages
  • Automate the identification and categorization process of behavior tracking technologies on your website
Configurable Cookie banner

Collect Valid User Consent and Tailor Your Cookie Banner to Match Your Brand

  • Tailor your consent banner to match your company’s brand including display, color, content, and language
  • Customize your consent approach from notice only, opt-out, implied, opt-in or customize your own
  • Integrate your cookie banner with your tag managers and content management systems
  • Leverage geolocation capabilities to display unique consent approaches based on the users’ location
  • Generate a detailed cookie list based on your latest scan and easily embed into your cookie notice
preference center

Enable Preference Centers Catered to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

  • Leverage templates or build custom preference centers to give users greater control over their cookie settings
  • Enable flexible user interfaces with customizable user experience elements to match your brand and build loyalty
  • Allow visitors to customize their cookie consent based on cookie type (strictly necessary, analytics, targeting, etc.)
  • Integrate CookiePro with other marketing and IT systems to maintain accurate preferences across marketing efforts

Demonstrate Regulation Compliance with Granular Records of Consent

  • Build a centrally located, historical consent database to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors
  • Store records of modifications to cookie banner settings or preferences in a detailed, historical audit log
  • Leverage executive dashboards of your compliance status to help prioritize actionable risk mitigation plans
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Integration Support

CookiePro is a platform-independent tool that can be deployed on your website with the simple addition of a script tag.

Getting Started guides, technical documentation and sample codes are available in the CookiePro Community.

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The world's most widely used solution, used on 100,000+ websites

CookiePro Advertising Frameworks

Advertising Frameworks

Supports IAB, NAI, and Digital Advertising Alliance frameworks

CookiePro Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running with same day fast track implementation and custom resources

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Multilingual Product

Over 100 languages available translated by CookiePro's in-house localization team

CookiePro Deep Regulatory Guidance

Deep Regulatory Guidance

Powered by DataGuidance privacy and security regulatory research platform

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Flexible & Scalable

From small blogs to websites with millions of visitors a day, CookiePro powers thousands of websites

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