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Google Play Data Safety Tools & Resources

Google Play has announced that July 20, 2022, is the deadline to accurately fill out its Data Safety Form. The purpose of this form is to roll out a new Google Play Data Safety Section to users that requires app developers to properly disclose the data they collect, if and how it's shared with third parties, data brokers, security practices, and more.

Get started with CookiePro Mobile App Compliance by scanning your app to identify privacy permissions, frameworks, and SDKs, and better understand third-party trackers on your app with a pre-categorized database.

Google Play Data Safety

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Tools & Resources to Comply

Mobile App Scanning and Consent
Google Play Data Safety Requirements: What Are They & How to Prepare

Get a quick understanding of Google Play Data Safety requirements and how developers and app owners should prepare for the July 20, 2022 deadline.


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Google Play Data Safety: What It Means For Your Android Apps
  • Understand Google Play’s specific requirements and the benefits of data transparency
  • Key differences between Google Play Data Safety and Apple iOS Nutrition Label Requirements
  • Understand the potential outcomes of non-compliance


6 Step Checklist to Complete Google Play’s Data Safety Form

Close the gap in privacy knowledge, overall understanding of the process to comply, and how to manage ambiguity with our simplified 6-Step Checklist.


Cookie Consent Website Scanning
10 Steps to Complete Google Data Safety Requirements

Learn more about how to leverage the CookiePro Mobile App Scanner to satisfy Google Play Data Safety Requirements in 10 easy steps.


Cookie Consent Website Scanning
Google Play Data Safety vs. Apple Nutrition Label

Both sets of labels derive from the same concept of protecting user privacy and promoting transparency, but there are still some core differences.


CookiePro Mobile App Compliance Simplifies Data Safety Requirements

Review third-party SDKs integrated on your app

In-depth view of what data is collected by third-party SKDs & APIs

Review data collection by Google Play data safety category, type and purpose

Create an SDK and API data collection xlsx that can be exported to a .csv format

Full end-to-end integrated workflow for OT assessment and mobile customers

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