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What are Strictly Necessary Cookies?

Last Updated: December 11, 2020

Strictly necessary cookies are classified as cookies that must be present for the website to provide the basic functions of the website. They are essential to be able to access features of the website and could include signing in, adding items to a cart, or e-billing. They are typically essential first-party session cookies, but not all first-party cookies are strictly necessary cookies. They allow for a user to navigate back and forth between pages without losing their previous actions from the same session.  Strictly necessary cookies are the only cookies that all cookie laws allow to be exempt from requiring user consent. Since these cookies are necessary for the functionality of a website, website owners do not have to get consent from the user to place strictly necessary cookies on their devices. However, certain cookie laws do require that the website still inform the user of the purpose of the necessary cookies on the site.   It is considered best practice to inform users on your site of the reasons behind each category of cookie used on your site. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has a narrow definition of what kinds of cookies count as strictly necessary. Most importantly, the use must be related to a service specifically requested by the user.   Examples of strictly necessary cookies include those which save your shopping cart when online shopping or cookies that allow you to access secure areas of a website through logging in.   Want to know what cookies are operating on your website? Scan your site for free with CookiePro! 
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