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What is an Opt-In Cookie?

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Opt-In Cookie

An Opt-In cookie requires a website visitor to take a clear positive, affirmative action, such as checking a tick-box or another similar action. The intention is to prove the user made a clear indication they consent to the processing of their personal data.

Opt-in cookie consent is used for a variety of purposes, such as agreeing to terms and conditions, signing up for online content like newsletters and resources, consenting to the use of cookies, and more.


Opt-In & Opt-Out Difference

The main difference between an opt-in cookie and an opt-out cookie, is an opt-in cookie will be automatically set to no tracking and the user must actively check a box to opt-in. Companies who wish to utilize an opt-out cookie consent approach should be sure to review national and local privacy laws to ensure compliance.


GDPR Opt-In Cookie

The Opt-In cookie consent method complies with GDPR, unlike the opt-out method. Opt-in cookies provide the user with full transparency into data collection and give the user a clear option to opt-in. Additionally, the opt-in consent model doesn’t allow websites to drop cookies or gather data on users before they explicitly consent to do so, either verbally or written.

Your opt-in cookie banner should be descriptive of its use and purposes.

Opt-In Cookie Consent Banner


Let CookiePro Help

CookiePro allows users to build and customize a cookie banner like the one in the example above for their site that will keep them GDPR compliant.

The program works by scanning the website to see what cookies are in use. It then produces a banner based on this information. The banner can be customized so it fits the design of the site it will be used on. Users who upgrade to a paid plan will gain access to extra benefits including the ability to only show the banner to users in the EU.

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