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What Cookies Does My Site Use?

Last Updated: August 4, 2020

Websites use cookies for many reasons and most even rely on cookies to provide basic functionality.  Understanding the types of cookies your website uses is simple using a cookie checker or by checking manually.

While both methods can show the cookies in use on your site, the extra information provided by a cookie checker is valuable.  Once you know what cookies your site uses, you can easily create a cookie policy to inform visitors to your website about what kinds of cookies are present on your site and what information they gather.

Cookie checkers like the one offered by CookiePro can scan your site, categorize, and provide detailed information about each cookie. You can get details on the life span, purpose, and whether it’s a first or third-party cookie.

Cookie Consent Website Scanning


CookiePro’s website scanner then gives you a report to view the distribution of cookie types on your website. There are many different types of cookies and functions they provide, and once you know what cookies are present on your site, you can take the next steps towards compliance.

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