Products to Power Your Consent Program

Our solutions work alone or together to create a powerful consent solution for your website

Cookie Consent & Website Scanning

Scan websites for third-party trackers and collect cookie consent with branded cookie banners.
CookiePro Products - Cookie Consent and Website Scanning

Scan Website for Compliance

Scan your website against the largest database of pre-categorized cookies – Cookiepedia by OneTrust, and get a report of the cookies and online tracking technologies on your website.

Be Transparent with Cookie Usage & Build Trust

Customize and tailor your consent approach and generate a detailed Cookie Policy based on your latest website scan.

Create Robust Cookie Banners to Match Your Brand

Tailor your cookie banner and preference center and give users advanced control over their cookie settings.

Create Cookie Database for Regulation Compliance

Build an audit trail of detailed records of cookie consent and export visual reports for compliance purposes.

Mobile App Scanning & Consent

Manage consent and scan apps to understand how your app is sharing data.
Mobile App Scanning & Consent Product

Understand Who is Accessing Your App’s Data

Schedule scans of your mobile app for third-party trackers to understand your apps “privacy health.”

Maintain Records of Consent for Regulation Compliance

Eliminate data siloes using a central consent and preference database and be audit-ready with detailed historical consent records.

Collect Consent Only When You Need It

Customize your consent approach with screen overlays and collect only when you need to using geo-location and Just-in-Time consent.

Sync Preferences Across Mobile and Web to Improve UX

Manage mobile preferences and sync across systems for consistency throughout sales and marketing activities.

Consumer & Subject Requests

Automate the request lifecycle from intake to fulfillment in compliance with CCPA Do Not Sell & GDPR Data Subject Rights requirements
Consumer & Subject Requests Product

Build a Request Portal that Matches Your Brand

Build a secure, robust consumer portal to intake requests in a way that matches your brand and business.

Drive Internal Efficiencies with Templated Workflows

Leverage CCPA-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately.

Automate Assignment Workflow

Automate the process of receiving and fulfilling requests by defining the workflow for the privacy team, business users, and data subjects.

Communicate Responses to Data Subjects

Transmit a notification to a data subject via encrypted channels to protect the communications and information provided.

Digital Policy & Notice Management

Centrally Track, Monitor and Update Across Websites and Apps
Digital Policy and Notice Management Screenshot

Scan Websites and Mobile Apps for Policies

Identify policies across all of your digital properties to update and maintain for consistency.

Design, Upload & Host Policies & Disclosures

Build policies with responsive designs that fit your organization.

Integrate with Websites & Applications

Publish policies across your digital channels with minimal development work.

Manage & Monitor Policy Updates & Versions

Update policies with built-in access controls and granular version control.

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