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Cookie Policy vs. Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 17, 2020

Cookie Policy

A Cookie Policy, or Cookie Notice, is a document that outlines the use of cookies on the website.  The cookie policy can be a separate page of your website, or a sub-section of your privacy policy that is dedicated to cookies.  The reason for this is that cookies track user behavior and could be considered a potential privacy risk.

CookiePro provides a pre-built, dynamic cookie policy that you can embed on its own page, or within your privacy policy.  This provides you with the ability to view which cookies your site uses, the categories that the cookies fall under, and the ability to opt-in or opt-out of certain categories directly from your Cookie or Privacy Policy page.  The CookiePro Cookie Policy is updated after each scan of your website – so if you scan your website and new cookies are found, your Cookie/Privacy Policy will be dynamically updated in real-time, no code changes required.

CookiePro Cookie Notice

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy, or Privacy Notice, is a document that the business owner uses to outline the methods and purposes of its data processing to users (users who visit the website or mobile app).  The GDPR and CCPA have required that if a website collects personal data, the Data Owner (the person who runs the website) must inform users of this fact by way of a privacy policy.

At CookiePro, we offer solutions for both GDPR and CCPA.  According to GDPR, websites must have a contact form (i.e. Data Subject Access Request for users to request the deletion of their data.  According to CCPA, websites must include a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link that allows users to opt-out of targeting cookies.

See our CCPA Do Not Sell button here: Do Not Sell My Personal Information

See our GDPR DSAR Form here: Exercise Your Rights

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