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What is a Web Beacon?

Last Updated: October 21, 2020

A Web Beacon is made up of a clear file, usually a 1×1 pixel, that can track users similar to a cookie.  A web beacon is a technique used on web pages and emails to unobtrusively check that a user has accessed some content.

Web beacons are used to help the website owner track the journey of the user navigating through the website or a series of websites. They can be delivered through a web browser or in an email. They can be used in conjunction with cookies to understand the user, their behavior, and how they interact with the content on the website.

Web beacons are also known as web bugs, and they can help the experience for users when companies analyze the information they gather. They’re used when monitoring online ad impressions, understanding user behavior, and tracking the success of ad campaigns.  It is important for website owners who have web beacons to be transparent about how they use the beacon and what information is collected from the user.

Web Beacon

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