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What is a Cookieless World?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

The term ‘Cookieless World’ illustrates the future of cookies per Google’s announcement that it will stop supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser by the end of 2023. As the most widely used browser, Google’s decision will have implications that will affect most websites and marketing campaigns.

The decision to end third-party cookies comes as consumers become increasingly aware of the number of data companies are collecting on them and therefore demand to have choices over their privacy.

How Does a Cookieless Future Impact My Website?

Third-party cookies and other tracking technologies were designed to anonymously store end-user data. However, access to large datasets allows Ad-tech provides the opportunity to launch and measure highly targeted ads.

Unfortunately, in a cookieless world websites’ ad data and third-party data processing will decline in:

  1. Extent
  2. Availability
  3. Quantity
  4. Quality

Prepare For the End of Third-Party Cookies Today

It’s important for websites to plan, test, and optimize cookieless strategies now so they can be prepared to minimize any disruption to performance tracking and revenue before the end of 2023. When planning out action steps, websites should really understand the value of communicating trust and transparency without impacting revenue and consent opt-in rates.

Read our blog to learn about the action steps you can take to prepare for a cookieless world.

Get Started With CookiePro

Regardless of your organization has a plan to tackle a cookieless future or you haven’t even started, CookiePro can help.

With CookiePro Cookie Consent you can quickly implement out-of-the-box cookie banner templates that collect user consent in a way that communicates a clear positive value exchange. Optimize your opt-in rates by asking customers for the right data at the right time. CookiePro customers can dive even further with Consent Rate Optimization which allows you to A/B test your strategy or target specific cookie banners to a set geographic location. Ensure your site is compliant and empower your users with control over their data while protecting revenue and consent rates.

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