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Last Updated: August 5, 2022

What is a Cookie Banner Tool?

A cookie consent banner is the pop-up warning that loads when a user visits the site for the first time. The banner helps website visitors understand what kinds of cookies the websites uses, how it’s being used, and who the information is shared with. Various national and local privacy laws require companies to disclose the collection of personal data from their users.

While each privacy regulation has different requirements, they all have specific outlines for what a user needs to know when navigating your site. A cookie banner tool is a solution for companies to deploy banners to websites to help visitors understand what kinds of cookies you use and how you use them to enhance their experience using your site.

Preview and interact with various cookie banners and preference centers compliant with major privacy laws and regulations.


Advanced Features

Companies subject to multiple data privacy laws and regulations would benefit from a cookie banner tool that can deliver a specific cookie consent banner compliant to that user’s particular region. Additionally, an advanced cookie banner tool can optimize consent opt-in rates by a/b testing multiple cookie banners. Use your consent data to build detailed dashboards and analytics to gain insight into the effectiveness of your strategy.

CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization

Do I Need a Cookie Banner?

Most likely, depending on where you operate and where your users reside. However, it’s important for companies wanting sustainable profits, to view consent as an opportunity to prove transparency and trust to their customers.

GDPR Cookie Banner Tool

Companies that operate or collect data from European Users are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). One important aspect for compliance under the GDPR is ensuring cookies are not dropped and collected any user data until the website visitor has expressed consent.

Read more about specific GDPR cookie consent requirements.

CCPA Cookie Banner Tool

Any business that has customers in California needs to comply with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). One important aspect of the CCPA is to provide an “opt-out” mechanism for your website visitors.

Learn more about complying with the CCPA.


Let CookiePro Help

Even if you’re unaware, your website is most likely collecting user data. Any company or website that collects user data, or participates in the buying, selling, or sharing of personal data, must have an advanced cookie banner tool to obtain and manage user consent lawfully.

CookiePro is the only trusted cookie consent banner tool to meet regulatory compliance requirements, improve consent opt-ins, and build trust. Whether you’re just looking for a basic cookie tool or in need of a customizable solution with advanced features and workflows, CookiePro is here to help.

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