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What is a Privacy Policy?

Last Updated: January 27, 2021

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy, sometimes known as a privacy notice, is a legal document on a website that contains information about the data it collects on its users. It should disclose some or all of the ways it gathers, processes, and handles users’ information. It’s best practice and required by some laws, to explicitly state if the website keeps user data confidential or if it’s shared with or sold to third parties, usually for advertising purposes.

Similar to a cookie policy, or cookie notice, which outlines the use of cookies on a website. Both policies should be integrated with each other and should be easily accessible from the homepage or at the website’s footer.

Privacy Policy


Do I need a Privacy Policy?

Most likely. Despite the size of your organization, if you collect personal information on your users’ then you are required by most countries, including the U.S. and EU, to have a privacy policy. Most websites function with the use of cookies, so collecting personal information is inevitable


Privacy Policy Requirements

The requirements may differ in each country depending on the regulations. Yet, most privacy laws follow the same guidelines when dealing with personal data:

  • Notice. When collecting data a website must clearly disclose how they use personal information from users before collecting it.
  • Choice. Websites that collect data must respect the choices of their users about which type of information they choose to provide. Some laws require websites to implement either an opt-in or opt-out consent approach.
  • Access. Users must be able to view, update or request removal of their personal data collected, even if they previously consented to it. Depending on your regulators, personal data must be as easy to request removal as it was to consent the first time.
  • Security. Companies and websites are required to keep the information accurate and secure from threats and exploitations.


Privacy Policy Generator

A privacy policy generator or template is essential for organizations of all sizes to be able to accurately and easily disclose its data collection to ensure compliance and provide transparency. CookiePro’s Digital Policy & Notice Management provides a range of pre-built or customizable templates to fit your organization’s needs.

Different privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR have posed many challenges for organizations trying to manage privacy policies and disclosures. This increasingly becomes difficult when considering different technologies and channels such as mobile apps. While most modern websites are required to have a privacy and cookie policy, it’s overall best practice.

It’s important for companies to identify web forms, policies, and disclosures that exist across their digital properties. Additionally, they must be able to update policies to accurately reflect current data collection processes and procedures.

CookiePro can Help

CookiePro’s Digital Policy & Notice Management feature allows organizations to meet website compliance obligations required by privacy regulation laws such as GDPR and CPPA. OneTrust Digital Policy and Notice Management is used to manage, update, and audit multiple privacy policies and notices from a single dashboard.

With custom, video, and image notices and insight into privacy policies across websites and apps, organizations can make privacy a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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