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CCPA Compliance

Last Updated: June 29, 2020

The following are some requirements of CCPA and how CookiePro helps:

Display Notice of Sale Information

Build trust and transparency by clearly communicating to consumers that their personal information is sold unless the consumer opts out.  Provide the website visitor with a cookie banner and preference center, or a Do Not Sell button to opt-out of the sale of their personal information.

Track Do Not Sell Opt-Outs with Many Unique Identifiers

Under the CCPA, personal information includes anything that identifies, relates to, or can be associated with a consumer, household, or device. Using CookiePro, track do not sell requests using many unique identifiers, such as account number or device ID.

Action Do Not Sell Requests via Integrations with Existing Systems

CookiePro communicates with existing systems to help ensure personal information is not sold if a consumer has opted out of the sale of their information.

Track Consumer Opt-Outs and Request Reconsent after 12 Months

Under the CCPA, organizations can request that opted out consumers opt back into the sale of their personal information after 12 months. CookiePro allows organizations to track this information and drive re-engagement.

Tailor Cookie Banner Text for the CCPA

Many organizations are seeking guidance when considering their cookie approach under the CCPA.  CookiePro offers cookie banner text recommendations and customization capabilities for multiple regulations.

Categorize Cookies to Meet CCPA-Specific Opt-Out Requirements

Categorize cookies to bundle those that involve the sale of personal information.  Then, enable opt-out for only those specific cookies through a CookiePro cookie banner and preference center.

Enable Location-Based Cookie Banners

Using geolocation, CookiePro can dynamically display different cookie banners based on the website visitor’s location, giving organizations flexibility in developing their cookie strategy.

Create and Update a CCPA-Specific Cookie Policy

Leverage CookiePro to create, edit, track and display your organization’s CCPA cookie notice.

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