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What is a Cookie Banner for Cookie Compliance?

Last Updated: March 11, 2020

cookie banner is a pop-up that loads when a user loads a website. It is required by many privacy laws across the world for companies who collect private data of their users online. The banner helps website visitors understand what kinds of cookies the website uses, how the website’s owner uses them, and who the information collected on the website is shared with. Each privacy regulation has different requirements, but they all have specific outlines for what a user needs to know when navigating your site. You can deploy banners to your websites to help visitors understand what kinds of cookies you use and how you use them to enhance their experience using your site. You can customize the banner to match your organization's branding as well as configure the banner to behave in specific ways. It also serves as a way for the website owner to get consent from the website visitor in order to drop cookies on their devices as well as informed of what kinds of cookies are being used on their website. Even if your site is not required to display a cookie banner, it is still considered a best practice to remain transparent moving forward as more privacy regulations are enacted. Interested in setting up your customized cookie banner? CookiePro can help—Learn how here!
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