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What is Authenticated Consent? 

Last Updated: June 23, 2021

Today’s consumers are browsing for products, services, and content on multiple devices, from mobile phones to computers to tablets. Additionally, the ad tech landscape is constantly changing with the removal of third-party cookies, driving new opportunities to address your audience.

Authenticated consent allows you to navigate the multi-device world throughout the removal of third-party cookies by capturing consent from users through identity-based signals versus cookies. You can also share and link consent given by a user on one website or mobile app across your other managed websites or mobile apps. This is achieved through a user profile that contains the consent given by the user from the first property interaction.

How Does Authenticated Consent Work with CookiePro?

Step 1: A user visits your website or mobile app for the first time and is assigned a unique ID

Step 2: The user’s unique ID is stored in CookiePro’s database

Step 3: When the same user visits your website or app again from another device, the user can be identified

Step 4: CookiePro’s CMP can check if consent has already been given and the preferences that were previously saved


Authenticated Consent

By implementing authenticated consent, you can deliver a seamless experience across domains and devices, build trust, and deliver personalization to audiences across web and mobile applications – without relying on third-party cookies.


If you’re interested in learning more about authenticated consent, request a personalized demo with one of our in-house experts today!


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