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What is Mobile App Consent?

Last Updated: September 29, 2020

Mobile App Consent involves gathering consent from the user in the same way that websites are required, including how apps collect data and share it with third parties. Companies develop mobile solutions and deliver mobile-first strategies that respect the user’s privacy. It is required by the CCPA, GDPR, and will be included in many more upcoming privacy regulations.

Here’s an overview of how companies take steps to comply with global regulations:

  1. Companies are expected to provide users with the agency to select what information they do and do not want to share with third parties. It’s important to enable users to adjust their preferences in your app. Having a mobile preference center helps users select their consent settings to fit their needs while maintaining mobile app compliance.
  2. Companies should collect consent during the first use of the app to comply with mobile consent requirements. Organizations and publishers alike can provide detailed information about the types of information collected and give users the ability to consent.
  3. Provide context to the user and only ask for consent when you need it. Some app developers and user experience professionals prefer to have more contextual requests by asking for consent only when it’s necessary to comply with privacy requirements in global regulations.


CookiePro allows organizations to take all necessary steps to comply with mobile app consent rules from many global regulations.

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