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What is a DPA?

Last Updated: October 30, 2020

DPA can be an abbreviation of several terms.  Here are the most popular:

Data Processing Agreement / Addendum

A Data Processing Agreement, also known as a data processing addendum, is a contract between data controllers and data processors (or subprocessors).  These contracts ensure that all parties involved are properly handling personal data and laying down requirements for data processors to meet before they are trusted with the data provided by the data controller.

Here is a link to CookiePro’s Data Processing Addendum.

Data Protection Authority

A Data Protection Authority, or Privacy Office, is the agency in a country, or even at the state/province level, that is responsible for the data protection compliance in that area. Many countries that have a privacy law in place will have a DPA.  DPAs have the power to investigate companies and assess fines. Moreover,  DPAs are advocates of privacy and are most interested in helping organizations comply with privacy laws. You can find a list of DPAs here.

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