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What is the California Explicit Notice?

Last Updated: April 27, 2020

According to the Attorney General, Digital Properties that engage in the sale of information and are subject to CCPA must include in the California Explicit Notice that:

  1. It collects personal information when the Consumer visits the Digital Property;
  2. It sells personal information to partners to deliver ads tailored to the Consumer’s interests;
  3. The Consumer has the right to opt-out of the sale by using the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link;
  4. The opt-out is at a device level and provides instructions for how to opt-out across different devices;
  5. Opting out of the sale of personal information on the Digital Property through the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link does not mean that the Consumer will stop seeing ads, including some interest-based ads.
  6. In the event the Consumer opts out of the sale, but does not opt-out of interest-based advertising, the Consumer may receive ads tailored to his or her interests based upon personal information that (i) pre-dated the opt out by more than 90 days; or (ii) was obtained from other sources from which the Consumer did not exercise that opt-out right; and
    1. Note: After the consumer opts out of the “sale,” Digital Properties that do not continue serving tailored ads based on personal information for which the consumer did not opt out are not required to make this disclosure]
  7. Additional information about data use can be found in the privacy policy and include a link to such privacy policy.

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