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What is a Cookie Policy?

Last Updated: January 25, 2021

Cookie Policy

A cookie policy, sometimes known as cookie notice,  is a legal document on a website that contains information about how the site uses cookies. It will describe the types of cookies used by a website or app, what information it tracks, and how users can control their cookie preferences.

Additionally, the policy should include other types of tracking technologies such as tags, trackers, pixels, beacons, and more. The policy should be easily accessible from the homepage of your website. It’s best practice to include a link to your cookie policy in the footer of your website and on your cookie banner. It should also be linked within other relevant policies such as your privacy policy.

CookiePro is a great example of linking your cookie and privacy policy on the same page.

CookiePro Cookie Policy


Also, CookiePro makes the policies easily accessible from every website page through the footer.

CookiePro Cookie Policy Link


Do I need a Cookie Policy?

It is legally required to have a cookie policy under GDPR and CCPA. But in the U.S. there are no laws or regulations that require websites to have cookie policies separate from privacy policies.

However, in the EU cookie policies are required by GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive to be separated from the privacy policy. These regulations don’t just apply to businesses in the EU, but any business that has EU customers.


Cookie Policy Generator

Best practices for creating a compliant cookie policy will include:

  • A definition of website cookies
  • Identifying the types of cookies used – such as first-and/or third-party cookies
  • An explanation on the use of cookies
  • An explanation on why these cookies are being used
  • An option that allows users to set their cookie preferences

The purpose of a cookie notice is to provide transparency to your users. It is important that you update these policies regularly to reflect the most accurate information about data collection and its use.

CookiePro comes with pre-built cookie notice templates that can be used for compliance. Additionally, you can customize your own policy to fit the needs of your organization.

CookiePro Can Help

CookiePro provides a script that allows website owners to create a dynamic cookie policy that they can embed on their website. Choose from pre-built templates that help manage user’s privacy choices under key regulations and frameworks, or customize a policy to meet your organization’s needs. Sign up today for FREE, no credit card required!


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