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What is Prior Consent?

Last Updated: September 30, 2020

Prior Consent is the act of gathering consent from a user before placing any cookies that can identify the user on their device.

Under the European Union’s privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a website must obtain consent before collecting any data.

When a user loads a website, cookies are placed on their device. However, under the EU’s GDPR and ePrivacy Directive, the site owner must obtain consent before gathering any data. This process is referred to as prior consent, as it is the act of obtaining consent prior to collecting data on the user.

How to Set Up Prior Consent within CookiePro

Step 1: Create a Template

CookiePro provides pre-configured templates for frameworks such as the GDPR, CCPA, IAB TCF, and LGPD that contain recommended content, styling, and behavior.


Step 2: Set up Geolocation Rules

Adding Geolocation Rules allows you to designate the region where the rule is to be used, the consent model (i.e. Prior Consent), and the behavior of the cookie banner.

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