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What is Consent by Vendor with CookiePro?

Last Updated: April 27, 2020

Consent by vendor can allow site visitors to choose whether to allow or block advertisements by certain vendors by using the Global Vendor List from the IAB framework that is auto-populated into the CookiePro application. Obtaining consent by vendor helps with cookie compliance.

The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework provides a Global Vendor List. The Global Vendor List is a technical document that is managed and published by the IAB Europe including all registered and approved vendors with detailed standards and purposes for which they collect data. The information in the list can then be used by a website owner when determining what legal disclosures they need to provide to the user   

The TCF was originally a framework that allowed publishers to check whether consent was collected for targeting.  TCF 2.0 – the latest release, is completely revamped and greatly expands publishers’ bid stream options for collecting and assigning consent.  Companies must disclose specific kinds of data they use or collect and their role in ad campaigns in order to register for the TCF.  That means publishers need finer controls over consent data, not just on or off options.

CookiePro allows the site owner to whitelist vendors under the legal basis of Legitimate Interest. Tracking consent by vendor is a valuable solution that CookiePro provides to website owners. Learn more about consent models and how they can help your site with cookie compliance.

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