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What is Website Tracking and Why is it Important?

Last Updated: March 17, 2020

Website tracking is a method that businesses can use on their websites to collect information about site visitors. The information can range from online behavior like how long the visitor is on a webpage to monitoring browsing activity across websites. It is is used for many services including providing targeted digital advertisements and website analytics data for businesses.  The main reasons websites track users are to gain insights about how their customers use their site, to provide a personalized online experience, and to monetize the user. Here are some examples of how websites track users outside of advertising.
  • When you search for a restaurant on Google and the service provides you with a list of restaurants in your local area, it’s because the search engine knows where you are based.
  • When an e-commerce store shows you a list of recommended products, it knows what you like because it has tracked items you looked at or bought previously.
Without tracking technology, the above two examples would either not exist. However, the prevalence of tracking and the lack of transparency about the data websites collect, how they use this data, and who has access to it, means there are issues with the practice. For more information about website tracking and how you can remain compliant, read about it all here. When you are ready to implement a compliant website tracking feature, make sure to read up on global regulations and implement a Do Not Track banner if it is necessary.
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