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Last Updated: January 25, 2021

A cookie scanner is a piece of software that allows you to scan websites and domains for cookies and other tracking technologies. An advanced free cookie scan like CookiePro will allow you to identify the types of cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons, and more.

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Cookie compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations requires the identification of cookies and other tracking technologies that collect the personal information of their users. A cookie scan tool is important to comply with different laws and regulations by identifying and categorizing cookies in use.


Scan & Identify Tracking Cookies

It’s best practice for compliance to have a cookie tool that scans your websites. However, automating the scan allows you to use that data to get a deeper understanding of your websites’ privacy health.

A deep website scan will uncover trackers, privacy policies, and cookie notices behind login pages. With CookiePro you can schedule your scans on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring as well as keeping your team updated on any changes.


Categorize Cookies

CookiePro is the best website cookie scanner tool, allowing you to easily scan and categorize your cookies. Every website is scanned against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers. Additionally, you can automate the categorization process of behavior tracking technologies on your website.

Free Cookie Scan

CookiePro’s advanced website cookie scan tool makes compliance easy. With automation and customization features you can easily scan, identify and categorize many different types of cookies and other tracking technologies.

With CookiePro you can collect valid user consent and tailor your cookie banner to match your brand. Additionally, you can enable preference centers to meet your organization’s needs by leveraging pre-built templates or build your own custom preference center. Integration is key and CookiePro allows you to connect with other marketing and IT systems to maintain accurate preferences across all efforts.

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