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What is the Apple iOS 14 Nutrition Label?

Last Updated: January 28, 2021

Apple iOS 14 Nutrition Label 


In September of 2020, Apple announced the release of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 14. This news made waves in the industry as it includes new privacy features impacting mobile app owners and developers. One of the major updates with the new operating system is a Privacy Nutrition Label is now required for applications in the App Store. 

With the Nutrition Label, developers will now need to clearly state information about all data the application or a third-party collects through using their app. This includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, payment information, health data, and so on. The goal? To provide transparency to users as to what information is being collected about them 


How CookiePro Helps with the Nutrition Label

The CookiePro Mobile App Scanner can audit your application to help you better understand the SDKs and tracking technologies within your mobile app.  


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To create your Nutrition Label in Apple’s App Store, be sure to reference the results from your scan and list out the information that is being collected from your business and third parties. Additionally, existing CookiePro customers will need to declare any personal data processing our SDK performs since it is used as a third-party to manage user consent and preferences. 

To learn more about the iOS 14 updates and how CookiePro can help, request a demo with one of our experts today! 

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