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What are Pop Up Ads?

Last Updated: March 17, 2020

Pop up ads are ads that open in a new window during an online browsing session. They can live either on a webpage upon loading or between pages when they load. They are one of the more popular ways of displaying advertisements to site visitors because of the success rate and requirement for the user to take action to navigate away from it. Pop up ads are considered more annoying due to the interruption to regular browsing. How are pop up ads used? Advertisers like using this method of advertising because it can immediately grab the users attention and enforce immediate action. They can follow the user around the site, popping up between pages and upon reloading the page. Advertisers may also see inflated click-through rates because the user's action to swiftly close the window could lead to an accidental click-through. A common example of a pop up advertisement can be a prompt for the user to sign up for a newsletter when the user loads the webpage. This is an easy way for marketing companies and brands to get permission to email and launch marketing campaigns to that user. Can I opt-out of pop up ads? It is easier now than ever before to turn off pop up ads and change preferences in your browser. Chrome defaults to block them but allows users to change those preferences if they want, and many other browsers are following suit to comply with upcoming third-party cookie regulations. As global privacy regulations continue to pass, the preferences of users should always be taken into consideration to be compliant. How does CookiePro help? When a website uses CookiePro Cookie Consent, they provide visitors with the power to choose which categories of cookies they want to allow or reject. This allows websites to avoid the automatic blocking of these cookies by the browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and instead places the choice in the hands of the website visitor through a sleek, user-friendly cookie banner and the ability to change their consent preferences at any time through a customizable, branded preference center.
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