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End of Third-Party Cookies

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

End of Third-Party Cookies Explained

For the past few years, third-party cookies have been the most popular way for websites to track and identify their users for analytical and advertising purposes. Yet due to growing changes in data privacy, they will soon come to an end.

As we begin to shift away from third-party cookies, websites and advertisers are faced with many challenges. Particularly, how to continue delivering personalization to the relevant users and maximize results.

Despite the challenges, there are many positives in a post-cookies world. Consumers continue to become more and more worried about the tracking of their personal data. It’s important websites and advertisers do not overlook the value that trust provides. When you ask for the right data at the right time, directly from your visitors, they’re much more likely to be connected and loyal to your brand. That way you can continue to provide customized and authentic experiences in a way that promotes transparency.


The Need for Data Privacy

In order to create an effective transition, websites must understand why third-party cookie tracking is coming to an end. Luckily it’s simple – data privacy. As mentioned previously, with the growing unrest by consumers of data tracking, they want choices and control over their personal data.

Additionally, tech giants like Google and Apple are beginning phasing out third-party cookies from their browsers. And with the help of regulations, like the GDPR, many websites must ensure compliance by providing an opt-in strategy to enable third-party cookies.


What will Replace Third-Party Cookies?

First-party data is valued to be the best option for websites and advertisers. It offers the best return on investment in terms of who your audience is and what their habits are.

First-party data allows you to gauge customer intent and position in the buying journey. By identifying what your audiences are interested in, you can personalize their experiences by suggesting products and content your customers want to see.

Customers shop across multiple channels and multiple devices so it’s important to maintain visibility into the channels driving results and the ones that need optimizing. Because first-party data is collected from a range of sources, websites can still get varied and abundant insight into their omnichannel performance.

Cookie-less Action Plan Steps

So how should your website prepare for the end of third-party cookies future? Creating and following an action plan will allow websites to transition to a cookie-less world in a way that doesn’t impact revenue and even better – gain the trust of your customers.

Identify All The Places You Use Third-Party Cookies

You might be using third-party cookies without even realizing it! Scan your websites to have full visibility into the data sources that you’ll lose.

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Ensure Compliance and Deliver Transparency

With the end of third-party cookies, organizations will still need a consent management platform (CMP) to comply with regulations and capture consent for other types of cookies and tracking technologies.

Integrate Consent Across Multiple Devices

Sync with leading ID solutions to identify the end-user after consent is given on the first property interaction. Then, conduct a “cookie-less” consent and preferences sync across domains, websites, mobile, and CTV devices. CookiePro’s advanced Consent Rate Optimization feature is a must for any organization wanting to make the most of its cookie-less transition.

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Establish Trust and Build Brand Credibility

Capturing first-party data on various collection points not only enhances customer profiles and begins to replace other data sources, like third-party cookies, but it provides transparency to your customers. Learn more about all the benefits of first-party data by requesting a demo today.

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Give Your Customers More Control and Choices Over Their Data

Deliver dynamic and logic-based cookie banners for data elements, custom questions, and options available based on geolocation, user segment, for better personalization, segmentation, targeted campaigns and achieve regulatory compliance. You can also A/B test different cookie banners to optimize consent opt-in rates.

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The Future is Consent

The strongest and most sustainable customer relationships are the ones built on trust, not third-party cookies. Prove to your customers you take their concerns and data privacy seriously with CookiePro. We can help you start with a clear value exchange, asking customers for the right data at the right time, and being transparent with the benefits and considerations of providing that data.

CookiePro delivers technology that enables organizations to empower consumers with control over their data, leading to better segmentation, personalization, and brand loyalty – all while making privacy compliance simple. Get started today with a free cookie scan.

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