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What is Personal Information in the CCPA?

Last Updated: April 27, 2020

According to the CCPA, personal information includes obvious things such as names, addresses, social security numbers (SSNs), and email addresses. It also includes geolocation, IP addresses, shopping or browsing history, psychological profiles, behaviors, attitudes, consumption behaviors, and consumer preferences.

The Right to Opt-Out

Consumers now have the right to “opt-out” of a business selling their personal information.

This means that third-party businesses will not be able to sell customer information unless the customer has received a notice and is given a right to “opt-out” first.

The Right to Access

Consumers can request access to their personal information that a business has stored. In other words, a consumer may ask what information a business has collected on them, and that business will be required to detail what specific type of information was collected.

The Right to Delete

Consumers can request to have their information deleted, and businesses must comply.

There are a few exceptions to this including transactions, security incidents, errors, free speech, internal uses, and legal compliance.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Businesses that are subject to CCPA will be required to insert a link on their homepage — as well as in their privacy policy — that leads to an opt-out page for consumers. Take a look at the complete Do Not Sell guide.

Opt-in for Children

Businesses will be required to collect opt-in for children under the age of 16. For children that are under 13, the opt-in must be collected from a parent or guardian for the collection of personal information.

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