BLOG | Product Updates | January 21, 2021

CookiePro Makes Digital Policy & Notice Management Available

We are excited to make OneTrust Policy and Notice Management available to CookiePro customers to complete their website compliance solution.

Digital Policy and Notice Management


With Cookie Consent, Consumer & Data Subject Rights Management, and now Digital Policy and Notice Management – CookiePro customers have the full suite of tools they need to meet website compliance obligations set forth by various privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

OneTrust Digital Policy and Notice Management is used to manage, update, and audit multiple privacy policies and notices from a single dashboard.  As a part of the Privacy User Experience suite, Policy and Notice Management helps companies comply with the GDPR’s privacy notice obligation and the CCPA’s disclosure requirement.

Privacy laws, specifically the GDPR and CCPA, require businesses to maintain concise, transparent, intelligible, and easily accessible privacy policies, notices, and disclosures. These notifications need to be written in a clear and plain language and updated annually. For many companies, these notices and disclosures are tied to hundreds of websites and applications, linked to different legal basis of collection, and are written in many languages. Maintaining an up-to-date policy across all digital properties, updating this policy annually and auditing that the information across websites and applications is accurate cause major challenges for legal, privacy and marketing teams.

OneTrust Policy and Notice Management is the first solution to give companies a central dashboard to manage, monitor, edit, update, and audit all policies and notices on digital properties in multiple languages. OneTrust Policy and Notice Management:

  • Tracks where published policies are located across websites, hosted documents, intranet and mobile apps
  • Resolves issues of forgotten or out-of-date policies
  • Enables rich editing features with the ability to embed graphics, images, videos, and layered text to create policies and notices for various marketing channels
  • Integrates with consent management tools to automate recordkeeping
  • Maintains an audit trail and version control history for ongoing compliance

Updated and easy-to-read privacy policies give companies a first chance to show consumers a commitment to the responsible collection and use of personal data. OneTrust Policy and Notice Management gives teams control over all notices to maintain compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws. With custom, video, and image-rich notices and holistic insight into privacy policies across websites and apps, companies can continue to make privacy a competitive advantage and market differentiators.

Blake Brannon, OneTrust Chief Technology Officer
Digital Policy and Notice Management
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