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Deliver Personalized Consent Experiences: Using Audience Logic

Increasing consumer expectations, technology shifts, and regulatory updates influence the strategies businesses to adopt to personalize user...

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Increasing consumer expectations, technology shifts, and regulatory updates influence the strategies businesses to adopt to personalize user experiences while maintaining privacy compliance. When engaging consumers across channels and touchpoints, brands should prioritize delivering personalized, omnichannel experiences starting from the first touchpoint and beyond. Whether a consumer is interacting with a brand on a website or mobile application, it’s important to collect data in a transparent way to improve trust.  

Using CookiePro consent management platform (CMP), engage customers and increase conversions by dynamically delivering AI-powered, personalized consent experiences across devices and channels. Using Audience Logic functionality, tailor unique digital experiences based on persona, demographics, or channels, and quantify the impact of personalization on your KPIs through analytical dashboards. 

This functionality comes at an ideal time as companies search for options to deliver dynamic consumer journeys across domains and devices and maintain revenue and personalization as third-party cookies go away.   

Audience Logic enables customers to have full control over when, how, and which consent experience is presented to end users. Go beyond simple geolocation rules or region detection and use conditional logic to specify the user experience when gaining consent based on conditions such as age, device, browser, behavior, and other types of controls.   

Below are three key use cases that our solution helps solve.  

Age: In January 2020, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s regulatory agency tasked with enforcing data privacy laws, released a set of design principles for age-appropriate data gathering. According to Article 8 of the GDPR, if establishments anywhere in the UK rely upon consent as a lawful basis for processing their personal data, Article 8 of the UK GDPR provides that: 

  • only children aged 13 years and over may lawfully provide their own consent for the processing of their personal data; 
  • an adult with parental responsibility must provide consent for processing if the child is under 13; and 
  • in such cases you must make reasonable efforts, taking into consideration available technology, to verify that the person providing parental consent does, in fact, hold parental responsibility for the child. 

Using Audience Logic functionality, configure your properties to deliver the right template for consent based on the age of the consumer.  

Device Type: It’s no secret that consumers are viewing and engaging with content on more screens than ever. This challenges brands and publishers to deliver seamless, personalized experiences no matter the device a consumer is using. That’s why OneTrust enhanced its CMP allowing organizations to use conditional logic to present the end-user with a different consent experience based on the device being used.  

Browser-Level Control: Global Privacy Control (GPC) was developed by a coalition of publishers, tech companies, browser and extension developers, and civil rights groups. GPC empowers users to signal their chosen privacy settings to websites and services through their browser. This feature helps brands and publishers easily respect a California consumer opt-out of sale request. However, this signal is relevant for any website operating in a jurisdiction with an opt-out model.  

Using CookiePro, customers can create an experience respecting consumers that have opted out of the sale of personal information, but also provide consumers the ability to accept the use of tracking technologies on the website and ensure choices are being respected. 

CookiePro Consent Management Platform

By using CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization, part of the CMP solution, customers can optimize consent rates through a variety of functions. Key features include Audience Logic, A/B Testing, and Authenticated Consent:  

  • Experiment and easily test template designs, layouts, text, colors, and more through A/B testing to identify which variation generates the highest conversions.   
  • View detailed dashboards, analytics, and reports to understand variant performance and inform CMP (Consent Management Platform) configuration.   
  • Deliver specific experiences to visitors based on logic and specific attributes such as behavior, age, content and more.  ​  
  • Decrease consent fatigue by reducing the number of times you ask for user consent while enabling a seamless, personalized privacy experience. ​  
  • Synchronize consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions. 

Interested in learning more? Request a demo today!  

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