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Geolocation Rules

Auto-Display a Unique Banner and Relevant Consent Model Based on a Visitor’s Region

With CookiePro’s Geolocation feature, you can select the laws that apply to your organization, and we will configure the best cookie control setup. We use technology to determine the right consent framework to serve your users based on their geolocation.

Geolocation CookiePro

How It Works




Setup Geolocation Rule Group

Geolocation Rule Groups allow Geolocation Rules to be grouped in a way that complies with applicable privacy laws.

Geolocation Rule

Add Geolocation Rule

Determine consent model, behaviors, and content that will be shown to site visitors from certain locations.

Cookie Preference Center

Easily Publish Script

Publish a script to activate your template and Geolocation Rules.

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Cookie Banner

Cookie Auto-Blocking

Automatically scan, find, and block selected tracking technologies on your website until the visitor has provided consent.

Records of Consent

Build an audit trail of detailed records of cookie consent for compliance purposes and leverage visual dashboards to verify and monitor your consent approach.

CCPA Opt-Out Solution

Create and customize a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link or button for your website to comply with CCPA Opt-Out requirements.

Mobile App Scanning & Consent

Scan your mobile app and collect user consent for analytics, advertising, and other tracking technologies.

Geolocation Rules Features

Geolocation Rule Group

Comply with Regional Privacy Laws

  • Easily keep track of and satisfy all the growing privacy regulations around the world.
  • Use a pre-built or custom consent model template to comply with regulations and frameworks.
  • Backed by the biggest privacy regulation database, DataGuidance by OneTrust, so you can go to market with confidence.
CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization

Gain Insight with Other Features Integration

  • Geolocation Rules' settings allow you to collect data on consent responses.
  • CookiePro's Auto Blocking Feature ensures no cookies are dropped, except Strictly Necessary cookies, until the visitor accepts the consent notice.
  • The Consent Rate Optimization feature allows you to experiment and A/B test different banners to increase opt-in rates.
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Integration Support

CookiePro is a platform-independent tool that can be deployed on your website with the simple addition of a script tag. Getting Started guides, technical documentation and sample codes are available in the CookiePro Community.

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