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Cookie Consent & Website ScanningRecords of Consent

Records of Consent

Demonstrate Compliance & Visualize Interactions

Build an audit trail of detailed records of cookie consent for compliance purposes and leverage visual dashboards to verify and monitor your consent approach.

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Comply with Global Regulations

Valid consent under the GDPR and CCPA requires an informed notice, a choice provided to the data subject or consumer, and a historical record of consent receipts.

Enable consent logging to record interactions with your CookiePro Cookie Banner & Preference Center, view granular consent records, and interact with aggregated dashboards of how your consent approach is performing.

Key Features

Customize Consent by Geolocation

Customize your consent approach and choose to enable or disable consent logging by region, country, or state with Geolocation Rules.

Learn More about Geolocation

Verify Implementation

Verify that your website is properly collecting consent by watching consent records appear in real-time as users interact with your published cookie banner & preference center.

Observe & Adjust

View real-time opt-in and opt-out metrics by cookie category in an interactive dashboard to observe and adjust your consent approach.

Learn More About Reviewing Receipts

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with GDPR and CCPA with an exportable report of detailed records of cookie consent.

Why Choose CookiePro

CookiePro CCPA Opt-Out IAB Google Display Ads

Powered by OneTrust

Industry-leading privacy management software platform

CookiePro CCPA Opt-Out IAB CCPA Compliance Framework

Advertising Frameworks

Supports IAB, NAI, and Digital Advertising Alliance frameworks

CookiePro CCPA Opt-Out Do Not Sell Customization

Highly Scalable

Scales to support billions of consent transactions

CookiePro CCPA Opt-Out Privacy

Industry Recognition

OneTrust is approved by the CNIL, Google, and AddThis

CookiePro CCPA Opt-Out Dynamic Location Detection Geolocation

Global Regulations

Purpose-built to comply with ePrivacy and GDPR requirements

Get Started Today!

CookiePro has relationships with many regulators globally to understand compliance reporting expectations and has extensive capabilities to demonstrate compliance. With CookiePro, maintain granular records of consent and detailed audit trails to show compliance over time.

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