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Automatically scan, find, and block selected tracking technologies on your website until the visitor has provided consent. No extra coding or integrations required.


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Eliminate the need for time-consuming development and tag manager integrations found in traditional manual blocking solutions; reducing implementation time from days to minutes.

Key Features

Scan Website

Scan Website and View Results

Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers to automate the identification and categorization of cookies on your website.
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Categorize Cookies

Categorize Cookies

Categorize cookies into customizable groups such as Strictly Necessary, Analytics, Targeting, etc. to determine how the cookies should load onto your website based on your consent model.  Categorizations provide website visitors with the option to opt-in or opt-out of certain categories of cookies.
Five Models for Cookie Consent Banners
Customize Banner and Preference Center

Customize Banner and Preference Center

Customize the layout, branding, content, and behavior of your cookie banner and preference center.  CookiePro has the most layout options available that are both mobile & desktop friendly.
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Create Geolocation Rules

Create Geolocation Rules

Create geolocation rules for regions, countries, and/or states to determine how the banner should appear and behave based on the consent models chosen for the website visitor's location.

For example, you can set a rule to auto-block all cookies in the EU, but only auto-block targeting cookies in California.
Guidelines for Each Global Privacy Regulation
Auto-Blocking Publish

Enable Auto-Blocking and Publish

Enable auto-blocking to block certain categories of cookies based on the consent models chosen within your geolocation rules.  Once you add the CookiePro script to the header of your site - you're done!

Need to make changes to your consent models, categorizations, or geolocation rules?  Did you add new cookies to your website?  No problem!  Make all changes within the CookiePro app and the changes will reflect in real-time on your website.  No code changes required.
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Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Scan Website & Categorize Cookies
Step 2: Build Templates & Set Up Geolocation Rules
Step 3: Publish and Add Scripts to Website
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Cookie Auto-Blocking
CCPA Look Back Rule

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Create and customize a globally-compliant cookie banner for your website that auto-blocks cookies and doesn’t require any code changes.  It couldn’t be easier!

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