CookiePro Blog July 24, 2020

The Newest IAB TCF 2.0 GVL Addition: Google

The IAB TCF 2.0 upgrade deadline is just one month away. Before August 15, the media and advertising industry will be crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s to make sure that they’ve made necessary changes to their CMPS to follow TCF 2.0 guidelines.

With the month-long time crunch, Google has officially joined the IAB TCF 2.0 GVL for Google Advertising Products. A long-awaited integration, organizations have been anticipating for Google to land on the GVL list.

Overview of the Integration

What does this mean? Now that Google is listed as an active vendor on the GVL, it can read consent strings capture using IAB TCF 2.0. With the leading ad tech vendor’s integration, the delivery of Google ads will now comply with the framework directly without any additional configuration.

This is a huge benefit for CookiePro customers. With CookiePro’s support for IAB TCF 2.0, all existing customers who leverage the IAB TCF 2.0 framework will be able to automatically work with Google. Google will now be part of the list of vendors that organizations can choose from within their CookiePro-built CMP.

Leverage the Leading CMP for IAB TCF 2.0

Publishers and advertisers of all sizes can leverage CookiePro to build and deploy a tailored CMP that captures, stores and signals consent downstream to ad tech vendors.

As an IAB Europe TCF 2.0 Approved CMP, organizations can leverage CookiePro’s free TCF 2.0 CMP Builder. Create and customize your own CMP within minutes and add it to your website to take steps towards compliance with the new Framework.  

All publishers must switch to TCF 2.0 by August 15, 2020. Don’t wait to get started!