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CookiePro Blog December 27, 2019

Choose the Right Consent Framework Using CookiePro’s Geolocation Feature

Recently, there has been a spotlight on ways organizations manage cookie consent banners across web properties. Keeping track of the all the privacy regulations around the world is becoming more difficult by the day. With each regulation or framework requiring different consent models, we’re introducing a feature to help users meet compliance easily.

CookiePro has released a new feature in its technology with country- and state-specific guidance built-in to help customers adapt their cookie display and consent collection policies based on the user’s browser location.

Using CookiePro’s Geolocation feature, you’re able to select the laws that apply to your organization, and we will setup the best cookie control setup. We use technology to determine the right consent framework to serve to your users based on their geolocation. 

For example, if your users are coming from both Europe and the United States, you’re able to serve European visitors an opt-in banner with IAB compatibility and GDPR-specific text, then for your United States visitors, serve an opt-out banner that gives notice on how you’re using cookies. If you decide to expand to multiple different regions, all you need to do is make a simple update in our easy-to-use tool, and you can serve a specific banner for those users as well.  

How Does It Work? 

We’ve used the biggest privacy regulation database, DataGuidance by OneTrust, to create and structure consent models and cookie banner templates to match each region’s specific privacy guidelines, so you can easily go to market with confidence. 

Before any trackers or analytic scripts are loaded on the page, we are dynamically determining the location of the user (without tracking it, of course) to ensure each visitor can receive the best consent framework suited for their region, country or state.  

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