BLOG | Cookie Compliance | September 20, 2019

Five Models for Cookie Law Consent

We developed a guide that dives into the the different banner layouts available to web owners.

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With the increase of privacy regulations enacted around the world, companies are required to implement cookie banners and preference centers to their websites. At a high level, this means you must notify your site’s visitors that you’re using cookies, obtain their consent for cookie usage and provide choices manage cookie preferences.

When you visit a website that uses cookies, these cookies will get placed on your device. Cookies can contain information about actions you take on the page and is specific to you and the website you visited.

Cookies are used in many different ways, and many of them make the web experience much better. Most of this can be summed up on one word – personalization. However, some consumers may not want you to track their browsing behaviors. This is why the use of a cookie banner was invented.

A cookie banner is a pop-up that appears when a visitor comes to a website. Websites use cookies to collect data from visitors. Cookie banners serve two purposes: to let visitors know that their data is being collected and will be used for certain purposes, and to get their consent to use the data.

There are multiple approaches you can take to display a cookies consent banner on your website, but there are five main consent models to choose from:

  1. Information Only
  2. Implied Consent (opt-out)
  3. Soft Opt-in
  4. Explicit Consent
  5. Mixed Consent

We developed a guide that dives into the the different layouts available to website owners looking to implement a cookie banner. We also take a look at the benefits and the risks of each option, with clear advice on the mistakes to avoid.

It’s essential for website owners to have a good grasp of the consent models available to help to choose the best model for their user experience. Without a good understanding, you could potentially mislead your customers and damaging your business.

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