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CookiePro Launches Consent Rate Optimization: Maximize Opt-Ins and Personalize User Experiences

Maximize Opt-Ins and Personalize User Experience With Consent Rate Optimization by CookiePro

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Today CookiePro by OneTrust launches Consent Rate Optimization, a solution to help businesses advance consent management strategies by personalizing user experiences while respecting consumer privacy. With this tool, organizations will be able to fuel customer trust, maximize opt-ins, protect revenue, and enhance business value by delivering dynamic consumer journeys.

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Drive Opt-Ins by Delivering the Right CMP to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Most businesses are currently realizing the heavy influence of consumer expectations, technology shifts, big tech, and regulatory updates. In order to stay compliant, grow revenue, and create a competitive advantage businesses must experiment with strategies to drive opt-in rates and maintain personalization.

Our solution comes at an ideal time as companies search for ways to replace third-party cookies while continuing to deliver a targeted user experience and reduce consent fatigue. But let’s make one thing clear – consent rate optimization and the end of third-party cookies will have an impact across all industries.

CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization allows users to optimize consent rates through a variety of functions. Key features include:

  • A/B Testing: Experiment with template designs, measure consent and iterate to maximize opt-ins.
  • Dashboard Reporting: Get the analytics you need to identify the highest performing variant and determine the effectiveness of opt-in rates for each design.
  • Template Targeting: Show specific templates to your users with customized logic and attributes based on determined factors.
  • Authenticated Consent: Minimize the number of times you ask your users for consent by synchronizing their consent across devices.

Marketers and organizations across all industries can use our solution to advance their consent management platform (CMP) to stay on-top of industry trends and stay compliant with ease. Users will be able to build upon consent management strategies by personalizing user experiences that respect consumer privacy.

Take advantage of Consent Rate Optimization to maximize consent rates through A/B testing, reduce consent fatigue by authenticating consumers across devices and browsers, and target consumers using granular logic based on attributes and behavior- all while complying with major regulations.

  • Experiment with template variants, including colors, text, and more, using A/B testing to determine which variant generates the highest conversions.  
  • View detailed dashboards and analytics to easily view the best performing variant and understand how effective each variation was at achieving opt-ins.  
  • Deliver specific templates to visitors by defining attributes and logic based on behavior, age, content and more.  
  • Minimize the number of times you ask your users for consent and to enable a seamless, personalized privacy experience. 
  • Synchronize consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions. 

Prepare with CookiePro

Your ultimate goal is to meet consumer expectations, comply with privacy regulations, and adapt to industry trends and standards. While this might not seem like an easy task – with the right solution, it can be! CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization gives you the tools to get the most out of your CMP but will also help you prepare for future changes.

To learn more about how CookiePro Consent Rate Optimization will help your organization, schedule a 1:1 demo. And get more information when you register for our webinar, Consent Rate Optimization: How to Maximize Opt-Ins Through Personalization.

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