CookiePro Blog October 17, 2019

CCPA Toll-Free Number Requirement

Use CookiePro to Automate the Intake of Consumer Requests Over the Phone

CCPA is just around the corner, and amendments are still being finalized. One amendment that is waiting for Governor Newsom’s signature is AB-1564, the “Toll-Free Number amendment”.

With the assumption that it will pass, businesses must provide a toll-free number and a way for consumers to submit subject access requests via a link on the company’s website. Businesses that operate exclusively online and have a direct relationship with a consumer are exempt from the toll-free requirement, but that still leaves a large number of businesses that must comply with the rule.

Using CookiePro Consumer Rights Management, businesses can set up both an online intake form for consumer requests and a toll-free number for phone requests. The solution was developed as a response to the provision within the California Consumer Privacy Act that requires organizations to set up and maintain a toll-free number.

With CookiePro CCPA Toll-Free Number, you can: 

  • Leverage a unique toll-free phone number to intake consumer requests using an automated system
  • Utilize a fully customizable greeting in line with company messaging and regulatory requirements
  • Add identity verification workflows to validate the requestor’s identity 
  • Centrally log consumer requests for record-keeping 
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