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Cookie Banner Implementation Made Easy with CookiePro’s CMP Wizard

Post Date: December 13, 2021 | Cookie Compliance

Organizations around the world are required to establish a cookie banner or consent management platform (CMP) to a brand’s website to comply with global regulatory guidelines. Understanding cookie compliance alongside the myriad of global...

How to Prepare for a Cookieless World

Post Date: December 7, 2021 | Cookie Compliance, Media & Publishing

Google has announced that by the end of 2023 it will officially stop supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser. This comes as consumers become more aware of the amount of data companies are collecting on them and actively take […]

Accelerate SEO Performance With CookiePro Cookie Consent

Post Date: November 30, 2021 | Cookie Compliance

As the end of 2021 quickly approaches, businesses now more than ever are trying to strike the balance between digital and privacy-related updates and trends. Some of the many challenges include the expansion of global privacy laws coupled with...

Danish Business Authority (DBA) Launches Cookie-Focused Website Inspections

Post Date: November 24, 2021 | Cookie Compliance

On October 12, 2021, the Danish Business Authority (DBA) announced it will launch a number of cookie inspections of Danish websites. Specifically where the data collection of websites that due to their risk profile, entail an especially high risk of...

End of Third-Party Cookies: Using Google Analytics Without Cookies

Post Date: October 29, 2021 | Industry News, Media & Publishing

With Google’s announcement of its plan to deprecate third-party cookies from the Chrome browser in 2023, many companies worry about what the impact will be. Despite other browsers that have already implemented some blocking against third-party...

Canada Updates: Quebec’s Bill 64 & IAB TCF Policies

Post Date: October 11, 2021 | Media & Publishing, Regulatory Updates

There have recently been major developments out of Canada related to privacy rights and consent. Starting with Quebec’s Bill 64, which received a majority vote on September 21, 2021, in the National Assembly of Quebec 14 months after it was...

Understanding IDFA Changes for Mobile SDK Adoption

Post Date: October 1, 2021 | Media & Publishing, Mobile

Apple’s iOS 14.5 has been live for a few months now. Advertisers are now required to gain people’s permission to use the IDFA identifier at an app level. IDFA identifiers allow companies to track and anonymously identify users within the...

CookiePro 5-Step Quick-Start Wizard: Implementation in Minutes

Post Date: September 22, 2021 | Company News, Cookie Compliance, Product Updates

CookiePro by OneTrust has recently released a new quick-start wizard within the consent management platform and enables companies to set up a CMP, or cookie banner, for one domain within minutes. With the myriad of global privacy regulations and...

App Tracking Transparency: Why You Still Need a Consent Management Platform

Post Date: September 22, 2021 | Mobile

This year, Apple released iOS 14.5, marking major privacy upgrades within the operating system. The most notable of these upgrades is the app tracking transparency prompt requirement. App Tracking Transparency requires apps to request permission from...

Website Analytics Compliance: Stay Compliant Without Losing Analytics Tracking

Post Date: September 21, 2021 | Cookie Compliance, Media & Publishing

Many companies struggle to achieve the perfect balance between website analytics compliance and providing transparency to visitors all without losing tracking analytics on user behavior. Recently, Google announced an updated timeline for Chrome to...

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