Publishers and Advertisers

Deliver Personalized Ads That Are Complaint

With the increase of online shopping, personalized advertisements have become a popular and successful way for businesses to reach their target audiences. However, recent global privacy regulations and frameworks like the CCPA, ICO and CNIL have put a spotlight on the way publishers and advertisers track online visitors to deliver targeted ads.

CookiePro for Publishers and Advertisers works to address requirements from regulations and frameworks to provide the tools you need to deliver personalized advertisements in a compliant way.

Meet Framework Requirements

Compliance for Advertisers and Publishers means addressing requirements provided by IAB Europe TCF and dozens of other ad tech frameworks.

Below are a few frameworks and triggers that CookiePro helps support:

  • IAB CCPA Compliance Framework: Leverage the CookiePro Opt-out Builder to create and customize a sleek and actionable “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link or button for your website that integrates IAB CCPA Framework.
  • IAB Europe TCF v2.0: Work with ad tech vendors to deliver targeted ads that are compliant with TCF v2.0 updates
  • Google AdSense and Ad Manager: Use CookiePro to capture valid consent, then deliver targeted ads for a personalized user experience based on the consent that was collected in the tool
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud: Manage the storage of users consent settings across the Adobe Advertising Cloud product suite and CookiePro’s centralized record-keeping platform to honor a user’s preferences for ad delivery
  • mParticle: Leverage CookiePro’s mParticle extension to integrate with the CookiePro mobile SDK for iOS and Android
  • Salesforce DMP/Audience Studio: Pass consent from CookiePro into Salesforce DMP to dynamically load advertising content based on users preferences
  • Facebook Integrations: Integrate consent into Facebook Pixel and Facebook Lookalike audiences

Configure Your Consent Notice

CookiePro enables publishers and advertisers to scan their website or mobile app for cookies and tracking technologies, customize consent options and manage user consent across web and mobile properties.

  • Website & Mobile App Scanning: Scan your website and mobile app for trackers, such as cookies, beacons and pixels, as well as terms and conditions, privacy policies, cookie policies and cookie notices to track compliance.
  • Publisher-Specific Cookie Banners: Use a customizable publisher-specific cookie banner to help increase consent opt-in and monitor rates over time.
  • Geo-Targeting Feature: Serve location-specific cookie banners and consent options based on the user’s IP address to help comply with global privacy laws.
  • Customized Preference Centers: Create a customized preference center using your company’s branding and specify purposes for processing data.

Customize the User Experience

Customize the look and feel of user consent interactions to provide a consistent user experience across sites to help increase opt-in rates.

  • Customize UI Elements: Leverage the capabilities within the CookiePro platform or use custom CSS or HTML to match colors, styles, and layouts to your branding
  • Upfront Consent: Provide users information about the specific data collection and usage at the exact time it is needed versus an upfront lengthy privacy notice
  • Web and Mobile Support: Capture and sync user consent across all digital platforms including desktop, mobile, and even connected devices

Keep Records of Consent

Maintain granular records of consent and detailed audit trails to show compliance over time. 

  • User Consent Records: Maintain a record of each user’s consent preferences, purpose and legal basis for processing, and for each vendor
  • Historical Audit Trail: Store any modifications to consent banner settings in a detailed audit log to show compliance over time
  • Marketing Dashboards: View a dashboard summary of changes over time or an overall compliance snapshot for executive reporting 
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