CCPA Do Not Sell WordPress Plugin

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CCPA Do Not Sell WordPress Plugin Overview

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Nevada Privacy Law, website visitors have the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.

The CookiePro Do Not Sell Plugin provides an easy way for website owners to meet the Do Not Sell requirement through a user-friendly, customizable interface that doesn’t require any coding experience.

With two implementation options, it’s easy to add a floating action button or link anywhere on your website. Once published, website visitors can click on the button to view key information such as your privacy notice, contact information, and data subject request form as well as the ability to opt-out of personalized advertisements.

Main Plugin Features
  • Customize a Do Not Sell floating action button with real-time preview updates
  • Add key contact information to floating action button
  • Include a consumer rights request form from CookiePro. As an option, sign up for a CookiePro account to create a Consumer Rights form that can be linked from your Do Not Sell action button. Visit CookiePro.com to get started.
  • Allow users to opt-out of personalized advertisements

Who Does the CCPA Apply To?

The CCPA is not focused on the size of your business, but whether it meets certain criteria as outlined below.  

Annual gross revenue is over $25M
Annually buys, receives, sells or shares the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, households or devices
Derives at least 50% of annual revenue from selling California consumers’ personal information

The CCPA applies to businesses, which are defined as for-profit organizations that collect personal information about residents in California, determine the purpose and means of the processing, does business in the State of California, and that meets one or more of these criteria.

Simple Steps to Get Started

CCPA Opt-Out Plugin Download
Install and activate the CookiePro Do Not Sell plugin on your WordPress website.
Once activated, the CookiePro CCPA plugin will appear in the left-hand navigation of your dashboard.
CCPA Create a Do Not Sell Notice To Comply with CCPA Opt-Out Requirements
Customize your Do Not Sell button and modal.
As an option and paste the CookiePro Consumer Rights form link into the CookiePro CCPA plugin.
CCPA Opt-Out Popup
Click save, press publish, and the icon and modal will be added to your website.
The icon will show up in the position of your choice.
CookiePro DSAR Erasure

Consumer & Subject Request Management

To compliment the CCPA Do Not Sell Plugin, sign up for CookiePro’s Consumer & Subject Requests module to create branded intake forms that automate consumer requests from intake to fulfillment.

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