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Why Partner with the Leading Cookie Compliance Solution?

As a CookiePro partner you can provide your clients with the ability to simply manage their website’s cookie compliance, making them fully compliant with EU cookie laws, including ePrivacy and the GDPR. Our transparent cloud-based technology allows end-users to manage the online tracking of website visitors. Our unique pricing and product structure makes CookiePro easily scalable while maintaining a light-weight management framework for you and your clients.

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Who Partners with CookiePro?

If you are a digital consultancy, web development agency, or marketing firm who’s clients are concerned with cookie compliance, we have the tools to help you scale cookie consent across your customer’s websites. CookiePro democratizes the leading cookie compliance technology for every size business and client. Small start-ups and enterprises alike can take advantage of the most mature cookie consent technology.

Our platform makes it simple for you to get your customers compliant under EU privacy regulations like the GDPR and ePrivacy. We make it easy get started quickly without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Partner with the most widely used technology focused on innovation, privacy research, expert support and the largest active user community.

CookiePro Integration

Technology that Works with the Tools you Use

CookiePro makes it easy to integrate with your client’s technology. We support a number of different web development tools, so you can get your customers up and running quickly and confidently.

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Partner Support

As a partner you will have access to support documentation, tutorials and email support to help you get started. We encourage and enable our partners to facilitate contact with potential new customers and assist in the management of customer configurations and support.