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Partner With CookiePro

Partner with the most widely used consent technology focused on innovation, privacy research, and expert community support.

Managed Service Provider Model

Purchase and Setup CookiePro on Behalf of Your Clients
  • 40% Discount
  • Self Managed
  • Continuous Team Support
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Referral Model

Recommend CookiePro By Using a Unique Referral Code
  • 30% Commission Fee
  • Trackable Partner Code 
  • Customers Managed by CookiePro
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Who Partners With CookiePro?

Agencies & Digital Consultants

Ensure that your organization along with all the clients/brands you represent are meeting compliance requirements.

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Publishers & Advertisers

Use CookiePro tools to deliver personalized advertisements in a compliant way & receive monetary benefits with a partnership model.

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Use the zero-code compliance tool, and share the easily implemented product with the developer community.

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Our Trusted Partners

As a Managing Director of a successful Digital Agency, it is imperative that we choose partners we can trust. We found CookiePro to be a very useful resource to get us through and keep us up to date with GDPR. CookiePro was a big part of the process for us, and we found it simple to set up and keep it updated for all our clients.

- Julian Smout, Managing Director, Verve Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have customers under both the Referral and Managed Service Provider Model?

Yes, we have resellers who leverage both of CookiePro’s reseller models based on the needs of their end clients.

If I signup under the Referral model, how do my clients obtain a CookiePro subscription?

Referral partners should direct their clients to purchase a CookiePro subscription through our website and use their unique reseller code during signup.

Is there a cost to become a CookiePro partner?

No, you can become a CookiePro reseller at any time by filling out the reseller information form.

What is the difference between the Referral and Managed Service Provider model?

As a CookiePro reseller under the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model, you will be responsible for the relationship, support and billing of the end customer. CookiePro will not have a relationship with your customers. As a CookiePro referral reseller, CookiePro will maintain a relationship with the end customer, assisting with support, and bill the end customers directly.

Why should I resell CookiePro?

CookiePro is a best-in-class cookie consent tool powered by OneTrust, the leading privacy management platform, making CookiePro technically advanced and well supported, while maintaining an easy to use interface.

How do I get started as a reseller?

If you are interested in becoming a CookiePro reseller, fill out the and we will reach out to you.

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Get started for free to get your website compliant with ePrivacy, GDPR and CCPA.

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