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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? Check out our CCPA Infographic to start preparing.


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Maintain records in a central consent and preference database.

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Operationalize & automate requirements across Do Not Sell, Data Subject Rights, and Mobile App Consent.

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Scan your website to get a report of the cookies and online tracking technologies on your website.

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Your Complete Consent Solution

Website Scanning and Cookie Consent
Mobile App Scanning and Consent
Consumer & Subject Requests
Website Scanning and Cookie Consent
Scan your website and generate a geo-specific cookie banner, preference center and cookie policy.
Mobile App Scanning and Consent
Scan your mobile app and collect user consent for analytics, advertising, and other tracking technologies.
Consumer & Subject Requests
Create a customized web form and data subject portal that automates requests from intake to fulfillment.

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Global Compliance Regulations

Automatically identify and categorize cookies, generate consent notices, and implement cookie banners and preference centers to address privacy regulations.
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

With the CCPA, transparency is key. This regulation is fast approaching, going into effect January 1, 2020 with a 12-month look-back requirement. Because of this, many organizations are already taking measures to ensure their websites are compliant.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The big name in privacy, the GDPR sets the most strict and far-reaching standards for the handling of user data. It is based on principles of consent, transparency, protection, and user control, and threatens fines as high as 4% of a company’s annual revenue.

Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

LGPD was unanimously approved on July 10, 2018 and will become law in 2020. The LGPD carries many similarities with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), however, it is leaner in comparison.

The Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (ePrivacy)

The e-Privacy regulation is a law currently being constructed by the EU Commission. The ePrivacy Regulation compliments the GDPR with heavier focus on personal privacy, personal data, and confidentiality, specifically in electronic communication.

CNIL (France)

In early July 2019, the CNIL updated cookie guidelines that repealed those from Article 5.3 of the e-Privacy Directive from 2013, which imposed an obligation to obtain prior consent before placing or accessing cookies and similar technologies. 


Recently, the ICO released its new Guidance on the Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies, which addressed the use and requirements for cookies and provided updated directions for complying with the PECR and GDPR.

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