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About CookiePro

Cookie Compliance Made Easy

New regulations require companies to inform visitors about the data being collected on their website and provide users choice about what information they are willing to share.

That doesn’t mean that compliance has to be complicated. CookiePro was purpose built to help website owners achieve and maintain compliance quickly and easily. CookiePro enables businesses to automatically identify and categorize cookies, generate the appropriate consent notices and easily implement a banner to address privacy regulations. Don’t wait to get your website compliant.

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Cookie Compliance in a Few Clicks

Using CookiePro, website owners can scan their website against our database of 5 million cookies, automatically generate a customizable cookie banner and easily manage cookie preferences.


Why CookiePro?


Language Detection

Language detection localizes content for site visitors based on the language-culture setting in their browser or webpage.


Audit Trails

Captured consent, settings modifications on the cookie banner and preferences are stored in an audit log in the CookiePro consent module to show compliance history.

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