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Joomla Cookie Consent
Joomla Cookie Consent
Add CookiePro to your Joomla website to capture and store consent from website visitors.
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Integrating with Joomla

Use the CookiePro plugin to insert an automatically generated cookie banner & preference center script to your Joomla website. Simply copy and paste the main script tag provided in your CookiePro account into the plugin script box – no need to edit your website code.

The plugin integrates with Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP). It will automatically disable Google Analytics and show non-personalized ads until the user consents!

Sign up for a CookiePro account to retrieve the cookie banner script. We offer different editions, so you can scale your cookie consent needs with your business.

CookiePro Features
  • Gain an Understanding of Your Websites’ Privacy Health
    Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world's largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers
    Conduct deep website scans to discover trackers, privacy policies and cookie notices behind login pages
  • Customize Your Cookie Banner and Preference Center
    Collect valid consent by creating a custom consent banner to match your company's brand, and choose the consent approach based on the users' location.
    Choose from out-of-the-box templates to create your banner, then integrate it with tag managers and content management systems
  • Automatically Block Tracking Technologies
    Eliminate the need for time-consuming development and tag manager integrations found in traditional manual blocking solutions
    Enable auto-blocking to block certain categories of cookies based on the consent models chosen within your geolocation rules
  • Build an Audit Trail
    Compile records of cookie consent for compliance purposes and leverage visual dashboards to verify and monitor your consent approach.
    Demonstrate compliance with GDPR and CCPA with an exportable report of detailed records of cookie consent.
  • Demonstrate compliance with GDPR and CCPA with an exportable report of detailed records of cookie consent.

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