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Referral Model

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Why Partner with the Leading Cookie Compliance Solution  

Provide your clients with the ability to simply manage their website’s cookie compliance using the #1 trusted consent tool in the world. Our product is easy to use, scalable, and up to date with global privacy regulations. 

We make it easy for you to refer clients to sign up for CookiePro using trackable affiliate codes that we provide you with.

Recommend CookiePro to Your Customers Using a Referral Code

  • 30% Commission. Partners under the the referral model will receive a 30% commission fee based on the subscription fees actually paid by end users referred by the partner for the first three years.
  • Your Customers Handle Setup. Your customers will have the option to setup CookiePro on their own or purchase a Quick Start package for assistance.
  • Team Support. As an referral partner, you will have access to support documentation, tutorials and email support to help you get started. If a user using your referral code is in need of assistance, they are welcome to use the Quick-Start Package or reach out to our support team.

How It Works

  1. Sign up by to be come a partner by filling out the form. A partner rep will be in touch to confirm the partnership and assist you with any questions you have.
  2. Receive your unique referral code and URL via email.
    • By using the URL to drive customers to sign up for CookiePro via, your unique referral code will be applied automatically during checkout
    • Alternatively, you can share the referral code with your
  3. Your customers that sign up will receive login for the CookiePro. application and community. From there, they can set it up on their own or sign up for a Quick-Start Package with our support team.
  4. Partners will be paid based on number of customers associated with unique referral code.

Who Partners with CookiePro

If you have clients or customers that are concerned with compliance, we have the tools to help you scale consent across their websites to comply with global privacy regulations. Small start-ups and enterprises alike can take advantage of the most mature cookie consent technology. 

Our platform makes it simple for you to get your customers compliant under privacy regulations. We make it easy to get started quickly without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

Partner with the most widely used technology focused on innovation, privacy research, expert support and the largest active user community.