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CookiePro Quick-Start Support

CookiePro Quick Start is a service we offer to our customers to ensure that the implementation of our product goes seamlessly for our users.

What is the Quick Start package?

As the industry’s leading cookie tool, we strive to be a self-service tool with no assistance required.  However, if you are a customer who wants hands-on help along the way, or if you want a minimal effort setup, Quick Start is a great option for you.

Quick Start offers one-on-one support with a CookiePro professional to guide you through setup and implementation.‚Äč

What’s Included

An initial call with a CookiePro professional giving introductions and a workshop for our tool (1-hour meeting)

A follow-up meeting to discuss any more implementation questions (30-minute meeting)

Ability to reach out to support with any additional questions you may have ([email protected])

Getting Ready for Quick Start

After you purchase the product, you will receive an email from one of our professionals to set up your first call with us. For the most efficient workshop, go ahead and scan your website by opening the app, going to cookie consent, and adding a website under the websites tab.

Request Hourly Implementation

For more information on an hourly rate for implementation, reach out to [email protected] to get connected to a CookiePro expert.



Do it Yourself

included with purchase

Access to Online Developer Portal

Sample Code

Training videos



Quick Start Assistance

purchase at checkout

Live Webinar with OneTrust Expert

Access to Email Support

CookiePro Implementation Methodology