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Mobile App Consent 101

Collect Consent and Understand How Your App is Sharing Data with Third-Parties

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Adhere to Global Regulations

Global privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shine a spotlight on mobile app technologies, how apps collect data and share it with third-parties.

Companies developing mobile solutions and delivering upon mobile-first strategies are seeking solutions to build intelligent, data-driven applications that respect user’s privacy and build brand loyalty.

Collect Mobile App Consent

Balancing valid consent collection while creating positive digital experiences is a new challenge for many businesses trying to comply with global privacy regulations. CookiePro Mobile App Scanning & Consent provides enhanced user interfaces and customizable preference centers  that allow companies to give users greater control over their communication settings while delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Mobile app preference center

Enable Users to Adjust Preferences Through Your App

Use a Mobile App Privacy Preference Center to grant users greater control over their settings. The Preference Center helps app users adjust their consent settings to fit their needs.

How Do Apps Collect Personal Information?

A third-party SDK, if given permission, can access a significant amount of information such as personally identifiable information.  

If an app is granted permissions to something such as contacts, it’s not limited to use that data for just its intended purpose - it will be able to collect the names, phone numbers and possibly addresses of everyone if the contacts list.
If granted permission to GPS, the app isn’t limited to collecting and using that information only to find the closest store to your location. It can collect that data to see where you go, how long you spend there, and use that information for their own purposes.

Most mobile devices now come with many different types of permissions, including your location, contacts, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, Calendar, phone logs, and text messages. Managing these permissions is important to controlling who is using your data and for what purpose. 

Who is Collecting Data Via SDKs?

There are two main sources that are collecting data within an application – the application owner and third-party services or ads. 

Application Owner

The application owner will generally be using the granted permissions for giving functionality in the app. However, they are not required to only use those permissions for functionality, they could also be collecting the data to use to deliver a more personalized experience or aggregating data for analytics. 

Third-Party Services

Third-party services also do not have the requirement to use granted permissions for a specific functionality. For example, a third-party SDK that is used for logging into an app via a social media account could also use the data gathered to serve more personalized advertisements. Additionally, these third-parties are generally the same third-parties that are dropping cookies or other tracking technologies on websites, giving them access to a large pool of information. 


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