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We Care About Your Clients' Compliance

If you have clients or customers that are concerned with compliance, we have the tools to help you scale consent across their websites. Small start-ups and enterprises alike can take advantage of our comprehensive platform.

Partner with the most widely used technology focused on innovation, privacy research, expert support, and the largest active user community.

CookiePro Referral Partner

Why Partner with the Leading Cookie Compliance Solution?

As a CookiePro Partner you can easily provide your clients with the ability to simply manage their website’s cookie compliance, making them fully compliant with cookie laws, including ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA.

Our transparent cloud-based technology allows end-users to manage the online tracking of website visitors. CookiePro’s unique pricing and product structure make CookiePro easily scalable while maintaining a light-weight management framework for you and your clients.

The Managed Service Provider Partner Model allows Partners to purchase and setup CookiePro on behalf of their clients.

  • 40% Discount

    Partners under the Managed Service Provider model will receive a 40% discount off of CookiePro list price.

  • Self Managed

    CookiePro will create an administrative portal for the partner to add or remove end customers. Partners will be responsible for the set-up, billing, and support of end users.

  • Team Support

    As a partner you will have access to support documentation, tutorials and email support to help you get started. We encourage and enable our partners to facilitate contact with potential new customers and assist in the management of customer configurations and support.

As a Managing Director of a successful Digital Agency, it is imperative that we choose partners we can trust. We found CookiePro to be a very useful resource to get us through and keep us up to date with GDPR. CookiePro was a big part of the process for us, and we found it simple to set up and keep it updated for all our clients.

Julian Smout, Managing Director of Verve Agency

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Once you have signed up to become a Managed Service Provider, you’ll receive a unique discount code for 40% off all purchases from your account.

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Our platform makes it simple to manage subscriptions and accounts. Leverage our Templates feature to create a template and deploy it quickly to multiple websites.

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