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Knowledgebase Product Updates 5.9 Release


5.9 Release

Last Updated: April 27, 2020



  • Document downloads and uploads are now exposed in API docs (
  • CookiePro now supports Brazilian Portuguese translation across the application.
  • Configure session timeout settings by hour up to 24 hours maximum.
  • Sign SLO requests using CookiePro credentials at the organization level.
  • Interface updates to Email Settings for easier selection of common email server ports.


  • Interface updates to the Integration Marketplace for improved navigation, performance, and launching of wizards and workflows.
  • Enable Hold and Reprocess Messages to hold incoming data and send out email notification when a workflow is halted.
  • Receive a single log message grouped into triggers and actions taken for an entire workflow events execution.
  • Action logs grouped into a single execution log will display the following details:
    • URL
    • Headers
    • Request Body
    • Response Body



  • Graph multiple line charts with secondary group attribute values to represent a single attribute value per line.
  • Create inventory column reports with custom vendor engagement attributes.
  • Create column reports with multi-template assessments triggered by parent-child relationships.
  • Populate additional tabs in inventory column reports when personal data is added to an inventory type report for inventory-to-personal data relationship analysis.
  • Search and filters are now available on the Report Schedules screen.
  • Filter by Assessment Name values in incident column reports.


  • Setting to disable 'Powered by CookiePro' on email branding now works as expected.
  • Improved notification for disabled users attempting to access accounts and recover passwords.
  • HIPAA compliant hosted environments will receive a warning to configure email SMTP settings before emails can be sent from their account.
  • Exporting PDF reports of Maturity and Planning assessments from the context menu now works as expected.
  • Interface enhancements to improve and standardize the look and feel of the application.
  • User experience, validation, and performance enhancements to improve and standardize expected application behaviors.
  • Terminology and text formatting enhancements for improved readability and understanding.
  • Send the GENERIC scope with the GET request of the attachment v3 API.
  • Mark domains as accepted via API upon receipt of an SSO domain verification ticket.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)


  • Display identical header and footer on email verification pages as seen on the web form for consistent branding experience.
  • View a summary of Targeted Data Discovery (TDD) results for a data request.
  • Seeded web form templates with guidance to assist with CCPA configurations.
  • Verify consumer requests by integrating CookiePro and Experian PreciseID Option 22 before honoring data access or deletion requests.
  • Verify consumer requests by integrating CookiePro and LexisNexis InstantID Q&A before honoring data access or deletion requests.


  • Comment text in the Data Subject Portal now wraps from line-to-line and breaks as expected.
  • Improved ADA/WCAG compliance for screen readers on menu names and roles.

Cookie Consent and Mobile Consent


  • Configure the preference center to now display details about each cookie including:
    • Hostname
    • Lifespan/Duration
    • Type
    • Category
    • Description
  • Leverage a customer provided geolocation service to pass the geolocation of a site visitor to the CookiePro banner rather than using CookiePro's geolocation service.
  • Customers can now switch between existing cookies configurations and the newer Cookie v2 system to begin creating banners, preference centers, and geolocation rules without losing existing data or functionality.
  • Mobile Consent SDK now includes support for a method to determine if a user has been shown the banner and preference center previously as well as show a preference center access button in the application.


  • Rescanning a website no longer overwrites custom cookie categorizations.
  • Improved usability and messaging for site scan progress.
  • IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 1.0) templates now enforce terminology and interface requirements aligned with the latest TCF guidelines.
  • Improved usability and functionality for mobile app scan results including categorization and export.
  • The Mobile Consent SDK on iOS now executes the correct callback to indicate a successful load or error.
  • Mobile Consent SDK now includes and files to improve implementation and usefulness of the SDK.

Universal Consent and Preference Management


  • Bulk import for consent transactions now supports the inclusion of an ISO standard language code for the data subject's preferred language.