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Knowledgebase Product Updates 5.8 Release


5.8 Release

Last Updated: April 27, 2020



  • Access Dashboards from the main navigation menu. Search and filters are now available on the dashboard list page.
  • Manage the default PDF report export template used in the context menu across different modules of the application.
  • Merge organizational groups to manage and simplify your hierarchy without losing information.
  • Customize the Sender Name for all emails sent from the OneTrust application in the Email Branding settings.
  • New features notification is presented to administrators upon initial login (site administrator role only).
  • Advanced actions and features to email branding include the following:
    • Customization of the button, header, and footer
    • Customization of the email branding logo
    • Preview custom branding before saving
    • Send test email to view custom branding
    • Edit source code for more advanced customization options
  • Integration improvements now allow uploading any available files in the OneTrust application to FTP and SFTP endpoints.
  • Integration workflows now support sending additional form data fields when using a webhook trigger to send attachments.
  • Integration and Targeted Data Discovery workflows can configure action logic to parse CSV files and make each row an available array.
  • Authenticate webhooks for Slack and Okta integrations.


  • Attributes created with line breaks in the data now work as expected when exporting reports.
  • OAuth workflow now regenerates a new access token after expiration.
  • Adding new domains to a domains list after resetting SSO settings now works as expected.
  • Interface enhancements to improve and standardize the look and feel of the application.
  • User experience, validation, and performance enhancements to improve and standardize expected application behaviors.
  • Terminology and text formatting enhancements for improved readability and understanding.

Website Scanning and Cookie Consent


  • New state-level geolocation capability enables unique banners / notices to show for CCPA regulations specific to visitors in California.
  • Scan mobile applications for iOS and Android to determine and categorize the SDKs included in the app to capture and manage consent.
  • Mobile App Consent now supports requiring users to re-consent when the mobile SDK is republished.
  • Switch between existing cookies configurations and the updated Cookie v2 to begin creating banners, preference centers, and geolocation rules without losing existing data or functionality.


  • Various improvements to the site scanner to improve performance and expected behavior.
  • Updated default text and translations for IAB EU templates to match the content provided by Transparency and Consent Framework.
  • Scan results that are complete, but where automatic categorization fails will now show a Completed status with additional information to show the error.

Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR)


  • Conditional visibility rules for web form fields now allow dynamic questions and captured input fields based on previous answer choices from the data subject responses.
  • Select statuses for retention policies applied to documents uploaded by data subjects, subtask assignee’s, or through internal comments.


  • Web forms no longer auto-submit when users complete all the required fields and click on a selection field.
  • Subtask assignee emails now send to group users as expected. User groups are part of BCC messaging rather all in the To field.
  • On-premise customers no longer need to depend on a public internet connection for the DSAR web form builder.

Known Issues

  • The language selection drop-down list on the web form may not be compatible with all screen reader applications.

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